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Stone Tablet (AD1825)

tablet.jpgStone Tablet Commemorating The Ban on Fishing Boats Summons erected on the 15th year under Emperor Do Kwong of the Qing Dynasty (AD1825).

Historical records show that Peng Chau was already an important fishing port during the Qing Dynasty. Fishermen made a living primarily by fishing in the open seas. At a time when imperial authorities dominated with excessive power, the fishermen's boats could be summoned for public use, often with the excuse to suppress pirates. If their boats were commandeered by the Empire, fishermen lost their livelihoods and financial security. Together the fishermen of Peng Chau resolved to lodge a complaint to the county authorities. The local court henceforth made a ruling in the form of a notice banning Qing officials from commandeering local fishermen's boats. In order to make the ruling endlessly binding fishermen raised money to inscribe the content on a stone tablet.

The tablet proves that Peng Chau was not an uninhabited island but one with an established status and influence. County authorities otherwise would not have intervened to eliminate the nuisance to residents presented by these actions of Qing officials.


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